Cosmos WordPress Dynamic Content Builder | Dynamic Text Replacement

WordPress Dynamic Content Plugin

Personalize Your WordPress Website
With URL Parameters and Location Information

Use Cosmos to build dynamic content anywhere on your landing page or website and personalize the experience for each visitor.

Show your visitors relevant content, personalizing what they see to increase quality score in your ad campaigns and help improve conversion rates.

Marketers Love Cosmos

"The Cosmos plugin, and the support I received, empowered me to launch sophisticated dynamic features on my company's WordPress site without needing to involve our development team, saving us a considerable amount of time and money. I give it my highest recommendation. If you need to create dynamic web experiences using WordPress, Cosmos is the answer."
 John Farmer
Director of Marketing
"The Cosmos plugin is a new definition for dynamic web content! It fosters a 'think outside the box' approach to creating everything from landers to entire sites. Beyond functionality (which I’ve only begun to fully appreciate) Cosmos is a very polished, Premium plugin for pros that keeps getting better! Support is the among the best I’ve experienced, and John is sincere when he invites new feature ideas!"
 Paul Sullivan
Partner at iDigital Promotion
"The Cosmos Plugin save me hundreds of hours creating content for my website and made my landing pages pop! "
Aaron Phillips
Marketing Consultant for Fortune 500 Companies
Aaron on LinkedIn
"Love the plugin and loved the hands on support I received. Absolutely above and beyond my expectations!."
 Tony Matesi
Content Marketing Manager
"Cosmos support was excellent. The team provided real solutions and helped me to get exactly what I needed done."
 Luke Jordan
Web Developer

Build Dynamic Content With URL Parameters

Use keywords, utm codes and url parameters from your ad service to create a personalized experience for every visitor.

Geo Targeting and Location Detection Personalization

Use your visitors’ location information to personalize their experience.

One Landing Page Is All You Need

Using Cosmos, you can launch unlimited campaigns with a single dynamic template. The content will change based on the campaign and the keyword match in your ads.

Increase Your Return On Investment

Conversion rates are better on landing pages with personalized content. Cosmos transforms your landing page to appeal to your customer’s interests. Turn your clicks into customers time and time again.

Seamless Page Builder Integration

Cosmos integrates beautifully with page builder plugins and themes such as Oxygen Builder, Beaver Builder, Divi, Visual Composer and others.

Increase Content Relevancy

Improve your relevancy score and reduce cost per click by using Cosmos for dynamic text replacement or dynamic keyword insertion to match what your visitors were searching for. 

Links Built From URL Parameters

Create links that change based on the value of keywords, utm codes and url parameters.

Build Landing Pages in Less Time

One landing page template can serve multiple marketing campaigns or ad sets – Keyword landing page generation means that the content is changed to be relevant, while the template remains the same.

You’re In Great Company

Agencies And Businesses Of All Sizes Trust Cosmos To Improve Their Marketing ROI

$297 Unlimited Site License

Includes Cosmos Base Plugin and All Add On Plugins

Dedicated Personal Support

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

About Cosmos

Hey, John Castorina here, author of Cosmos.

I’ve been a WordPress developer for ten years, and an eCommerce specialist for almost as long. I have led the team that built,,, along with the best minds in the business for more than three years. One of our most important tools at the enterprise level that helps increase conversions is something called Personalization.

Personalization is a buzz word that means to customize your site for each visitor, show them content that’s relevant to their interests, or add a special greeting, often using dynamic text replacement.

As a business owner, my passion is helping others achieve success in online marketing and eCommerce on what I believe to be the best and most flexible platform available – WordPress.

Cosmos is a suite of plugins I built to make available some of the tools that only the big enterprise level sites had access to until now to anyone running a WordPress site. 

Personalization, geo-targeting, location detection, dynamic text replacement, fully dynamic content, dynamic landing pages, dynamic opt in thank you pages, email marketing campaign integration, advanced tracking capabilities and more are all made possible with Cosmos.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get updates for the plugin?

Yes! In-dashboard updates are delivered to all users with a valid license key. To ensure that your copy of Cosmos is always up to date, be sure to activate your license within the settings page.

I have other pre-sale questions about the plugin, can you help?

Yes! Please use the contact form located here.

Do I need to renew my license?

The license key is valid for one year from the purchase date. An active license key is needed for access to automatic updates and support. Your license can be renewed each year at 60% of the current price.

Does this plugin work with my page builder?

Cosmos works with all page builder plugins. 

Does Cosmos Plugin Work On

No. Cosmos Plugin does not work on, only self-hosted WordPress installs.

Do you offer support if I need help?

Absolutely! Top-notch support is key for a quality product and we will do our very best to resolve any issues you encounter via our support page. 

Cosmos looks great, but it's missing this ONE feature I need, can you add it for me?

I am always looking to improve the product for marketers such as yourself, so feature requests are welcome! Please use the contact form to schedule a time for a brief consultation.

How Do I Get Started With Cosmos?

Be sure to spend time watching all of the tutorial videos with Cosmos, and don't forget to schedule your 30 minute onboarding call with John Castorina.

Do you have a refund policy?

Absolutely! No one gains anything if you aren’t completely satisfied with our product. We are happy to refund 100% of your money within 30 days of purchase if the plugin is not working for your needs.

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