Powerful Dynamic Content Builder Tool

Build dynamic content with Cosmos shortcode composer. All possible parameters and options for your dynamic content are present in the shortcode composer.

Settings Tour

Cosmos plugin is easy to use, and provides users with on demand instructions on how to set up the plugin and begin using it.

The settings page has an automated tour that will guide you through configuration of the plugin. The tour can be accessed any time from the settings page by clicking on the ‘Start Tour’ link from the settings menu.

Main settings page – this is where we add URL parameters to listen for as well as register shortcodes and templates for content types.

The settings page for Cosmos Plugin is where UTM codes or URL parameters are set that will be used to generate dynamic content.

Rendering options

Each post type in your WordPress installation will show here as part of the accordion menu. Within the accordion, shortcodes for the post types can be specified. Cosmos comes with predefined shortcodes for each standard post type.

Advanced Settings Page

The advanced settings section is where you can enable or disable the advanced WordPress Term parameters in the shortcode builder for more granular control over the content that is generated.
URL parameters as pretty permalinks can be enabled here, as well as WooCommerce Marketing Spots.

Use this page within the settings to access support and up to date documentation.

Links to the latest documentation, the support ticketing system and an up to date list of known shortcodes for content types is all located here.
A brief quick start tutorial video is also embedded directly into this page.

Due to the rapid nature of software development, the current version of Cosmos Plugin may differ slightly from what is shown.

Cosmos Shortcode builder overlaid on the WordPress default editor.

Cosmos Plugin provides an easy to use, intuitive interface for generating dynamic content. It works great in both Visual as well as HTML editor modes.

Shortcode Builder used with Elegant Themes’ Divi Builder.

Cosmos works well with page builder themes and plugins such as Elegant Themes Divi. Here you can see the shortcode builder becomes available in the text box module.
This plugin has also been tested and works well with Visual Composer.

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