Cosmos Plugin - The First Plugin For WordPress to Leverage UTM Codes

The First WordPress plugin to leverage UTM Codes and URL Parameters for Personalized Content

Cosmos plugin is the first and only plugin made for WordPress that gives webmasters the ability to leverage incoming UTM Codes and / or URL Parameters to deliver personalized content.

Use Cosmos shortcodes on a page, post or any other content type to represent a dynamic content region – there is no limit to how many regions you place. The dynamic content regions are populated by listening to URL parameters or UTM codes and selecting relevant content from the website to display – if no URL parameters or UTM codes are present, then Cosmos Plugin will follow other rules to select data, ranging from completely random to choosing the latest post from a particular author.

Cosmos Plugin Origin

Cosmos plugin was born when a client asked me to build a website that would display dynamic data based on incoming URL parameters. I spent two months looking for an existing solution for WordPress. When I found that none existed, it made sense to fill the void.

The name Cosmos comes from the idea that Cosmos Plugin can build infinite numbers of content combinations.

Use In Advertising

Advertising campaigns will have more impact when the landing page has content tailored for each and every visitor. Services such as Google AdWords let you specify what information is passed to the landing page, including the key words that led to the potential customer clicking on your ad. This information can be used by Cosmos Plugin to tailor a page specifically to those keywords.

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