Cosmos Plugin Version 1.2.8 Released - Cosmos Dynamic Content Builder for WordPress

New Release of Cosmos Plugin Fixes Issue with use on Home Pages

Version 1.2.8 of Cosmos Plugin was released last night and fixed an issue with URL Parameters on home pages.

The issue fixed is a workaround to an existing bug in WordPress –

Please update your copy of Cosmos to the 1.2.8 – the bug was major and the fix is very important if you plan on using Cosmos on the home page of your website.

Future updates planned:

  • March will see the release of a new feature to improve URL parameter matching capability – in beta now, just ironing out all the issues before it’s released
  • April – New as of yet unannounced add on will be released for Cosmos

Long Term Updates:

The long term plan for Cosmos is to release many add on plugins for it to work with third party APIs and services.

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