Dynamic Landing Pages and Personalization in WordPress

A recent study by Adobe cited personalization as the most important future marketing trend, and the research shows that consumers love it too. But how can you personalize your landing pages without having to create thousands of variations to account for all the different keywords that you’re targeting? With dynamic keyword insertion.

Dynamic landing page text replacement keeps you ahead of the game, both for Google Adwords campaign performance and to improve the user experience for potential clients. If you’ve gone to the trouble of designing dynamic ad copy in Adwords, you really should be taking the next step and personalizing your landing pages to match your ads.

The Importance of Personalized Landing Pages

A study by Unbounce showed that in 98% of cases, message match (a consistent message from the ad copy to the landing page) was missing. But why is that important? Because it matters to Google, and it matters to your website visitors.

Why Personalization is Important for Google Adwords: Improved Quality Scores and a Lower CPC

The amount that you pay for clicks depends on a number of factors, many of which you can’t control. But one of the factors you can influence is your relevance score. This is how relevant the landing page copy is to the ad copy, which in turn boosts your quality score.

For example, if your ad is targeting ‘roof repair in Ooltewah’, your relevance score is going to shoot up if your landing page also mentions ‘roof repair in Ooltewah’ (rather than ‘roof maintenance in Tennessee’ for example).

The thinking behind this is that you’re offering a better user experience, which Google Adwords rewards with lower ad costs and better ad visibility. A poor message match between the ad copy and the landing page is going to have a higher bounce rate. Google is tracking this and will interpret the high bounce rate as evidence of a poor user experience. The converse is also true; if you can lower bounce rates and keep the visitor on your site with a good message match, you’ll be able to drop your CPC.

So offering your users a better experience will improve your Quality Score, which offers three key benefits:

  • A lower cost per click
  • Better ad positions
  • Possible eligibility for ad extensions
  • Since users click more frequently on higher ad positions, improving the user experience on your landing pages with dynamic text insertion is in your best interests. Your ads will also be more noticeable if your ad is taking up more space in the search results with ad extensions.

Why Personalization is Important for Potential Customers: They Get Exactly What They’re Looking For

A landing page is your first (and best) chance to make a good impression on your customer. It opens the conversation and, especially if you’re in a competitive niche, it may be your only chance to convince them to take up your offer.

The most important place to add personalization is your headline. Think of your landing page headline as a foot in the door. You’ve only got a second or so to convince the user that they can get what they’re looking for on your page and a customized headline is a great start. If it is a strong match to your ad, your website visitor will be more likely to carry on reading the page. This will lead to higher conversions, and therefore, a higher ROI for your marketing campaigns.

Dynamic text replacement for landing pages is one of the most effective ways to boost your conversion rates because you’re giving potential customers exactly what they need. So not only are you getting cheaper clicks, but more of those clicks are converting into inquiries on your website because you are speaking directly to the individual needs of each and so your ROI will improve.

A study from Yahoo! Labs in London showed that improving the personalization on a landing page:

  • Increased click-through rates by 18%
  • Increased time on the page by 30%
  • Decreased the bounce rate by 7%

This can be taken a step further. After that initial conversion – possibly an email opt-in, with dynamic text replacement, it’s also possible to personalize the entire marketing funnel using their opt-in information. This will mean that your visitors feel special, making them more likely to return, and as a result, you get a better ROI.

It’s clear that, in general, the more landing pages that you design to add personalization, the better your Google Adwords campaign results are going to be. But is that really feasible? How do you design a landing page for every single keyword that you’re targeting? With Cosmos WordPress Plugin.

Personalized Landing Pages with Cosmos

The logic is easy to understand. The more you are able to personalize your offering to meet your customers’ needs (offering a good message match), the more likely they are to convert. But how do you do this without creating thousands of individual landing pages? The answer: a (pretty awesome) plugin. With Cosmos Plugin for WordPress, it’s really that simple. Let’s look at the four key features – dynamic landing pages, the need for mobile-friendly layouts, the saving on design time and other useful applications.

Dynamic Landing Pages

Cosmos Plugin for WordPress makes it easy to create dynamic landing pages with keyword insertion and content swaps to show relevant content. It can be used anywhere on your website to personalize the experience for each user. And you can choose how you want to do it – pass the information using URL parameters, UTM codes, and keywords. You can even set dynamic post and page titles, as well as links and buttons based on the information that the user has shared.

Mobile-Friendly Designs

It’s 2019, and in case you hadn’t noticed, most of your website visitors are probably accessing your site from their smartphones, so you need to be giving them a great mobile experience. Luckily you don’t have to choose between personalization and responsiveness. With Cosmos, you can still have landing pages that are optimized for mobile because the plugin works seamlessly offering personalization for WordPress sites, and as an added bonus, you can still use your favorite page builder.

Decrease Time to Deployment

With the Cosmos plugin, you can design a single template that will automatically adapt for an unlimited number of different Adwords ad groups, campaigns, and keyword targeting.
One landing page template can serve multiple marketing campaigns or ad set. Keyword landing page generation means that the content is changed to be relevant, while the template remains the same.

You’ll save time because you only need to create one landing page that will automatically populate with relevant content. This is completely customizable, swap out products, blog posts, images, testimonials, blocks of text, and more.

It’s Not Just for Landing Pages

Once customers have opted in on your landing page, you can use that information to customize their experience throughout your site to improve engagement and encourage conversions. You can:

  • Serve up dynamic thank you pages, based on the form values that have been passed through
  • Insert dynamic text on any page on the site that updates based on known interests
  • Set up relevant upsells and cross-sells on any page

Marketers think that personalization is the most important trend for the future. But if you have hundreds or thousands of visitors passing through your site, it’s a bit overwhelming to think of personalizing the experience for each individual user. But actually, with Cosmos plugin for WordPress, it’s simple. It starts with dynamic keyword insertion for your landing page, and from there, you can easily personalize every page on your website to match the preferences and interests of each user.

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“The Cosmos plugin, and the support I received, empowered me to launch sophisticated dynamic features on my company’s WordPress site without needing to involve our development team, saving us a considerable amount of time and money. I give it my highest recommendation. If you need to create dynamic web experiences using WordPress, Cosmos is the answer.”

 John Farmer
Director of Marketing

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