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Cosmos Dynamic Content Builder Details and FAQ

Q. Does Cosmos Plugin work with Oxygen Builder 2?

A. Yes! Oxygen Builder allows shortcodes to be placed within content blocks in the visual site builder interface. Oxygen Builder’s official documentation on this can be found here:

Q. Can Cosmos Dynamic Content Builder Format Phone Numbers?

A. Yes! Version 2.4.1 – released July 12th, 2018 adds this functionality. Now, using Cosmos, you can output phone numbers from URL parameters as text replacement AND have them formatted properly.

Q. Can Cosmos Dynamic Content Builder Change Page or Post Titles?

A. Yes! Version 2.3.3 – released May 25th, 2018 adds this functionality. Now, using Cosmos you can change any post or page title with dynamic text replacement and URL parameters.

Q. Does Cosmos Plugin work with Beaver Builder?

A. Yes! Version 2.1.0 – released June 10th, 2017 adds integration with Beaver Builder, both free and premium versions. Cosmos shortcode builder button will show in the Beaver Builder text editor.

Q. Can Cosmos create dynamic links based off of incoming URL parameters?

A. Yes! Version 1.8.0 – released September 18th, 2016 adds support of text replacement within quotes – what this means is that if you have a link that needs to be dynamic, you can place a Cosmos shortcode for text replacement within the href tag and the value will be replaced with the selected incoming url parameter. Use this feature to create dynamic links that change based off of the url parameters present.

Q. Does Cosmos provide a way to generate dynamic text?

A. Yes! Version 1.6.0 – released June 18th, 2016 adds support for showing the value of incoming url parameters anywhere on the page as text. There is no limit to the number of URL parameters that can be used for generating text, and use of this does not prevent you from displaying other dynamic content blocks powered by Cosmos.

Q. What types of content will Cosmos Plugin work with?

A. Cosmos will work with most content types that can be displayed within templates or shortcodes. Several standard shortcodes for content types are included. See them here.

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Images
  • WooCommerce Products

Q. How many URL parameters can be set?

A.There is no limit to the number of URL parameters that can be set. The settings page provides an easy to use way of adding an unlimited number of URL parameters, along with operators for each – IN or NOT IN

Q. Does Cosmos support pretty permalinks?

A. Yes. Version 1.4.0 added support for pretty permalinks
What this means is that instead of relying on ugly URL parameters, such as:
You will be able to use a standard URL! The above becomes:

If you don’t want to use pretty permalinks, standard URL parameters will still work. UTM codes can still be used for both tracking and generating dynamic content with Cosmos.

Q. What format do UTM Parameters need to be entered in?

A.Enter UTM parameters in the following format:

No special characters and no values.

Q. How does Cosmos work?

A. The plugin works by adding a custom shortcode to a page or post. The shortcode has parameters that determine what content type to display, all coming from your site. This can be WooCommerce products, blog posts, events from an event calendar, images, videos, any content type or custom post type that is on your site can be used.

Once the page or post with the shortcode loads, it will first check to see if any URL parameters are present. If there are URL parameters, it will look for content that matches it in categories, tags or any other taxonomy. Cosmos looks at all taxonomies associated with a given content type. Once a match is found, then that content will be displayed. If multiple matches are found, then [ cosmos ] will follow instructions in the shortcode parameter for ordering. This means either random content, latest published, latest modified, by name, or by author.

Q. Random content is not working, what am I doing wrong?

A. Certain web hosts prevent the type of MySQL query that results in random content. Known hosts to do this are WP-Engine. WP-Engine does however provide a way to enable random queries. Documentation on how to enable random queries for WP-Engine is provided here.

Q. Can more than one instance of the shortcode be placed on a page or post?

A. There is no limit to how many instances of the shortcode can be used on a single page or post. Cosmos does however prevent duplicate content from appearing on a single page or post.

Q. Can I change the styling of the generated content?

A. Yes. There are specific class names assigned to the different types of content blocks that can be targeted in CSS.

Q. Can the dynamic content results be limited to certain categories or tags (terms)?

A. Yes. Under advanced options in the shortcode builder UI, the user has the ability to either exclude or limit results to specified terms.

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