Tutorial Video on Basic Setup of Cosmos to begin building dynamic landing pages

This video shows how to get Cosmos Dynamic Content Builder installed on your site.

How to build dynamic titles in WordPress

This tutorial shows how to build dynamic post, page or other content type titles using URL parameters, utm codes, or keywords.

How to Personalize a Landing Page Built in WordPress

This tutorial shows how to add personalization to any landing page built in WordPress.

How to build dynamic buttons and URLs with the Divi Theme

This tutorial shows how to build dynamic buttons and urls in Divi page builder using Cosmos Plugin.

How to save Cosmos shortcodes for re-use across your site

This tutorial shows how to build shortcodes and save them for re-use throughout your website with copy/paste.

Tutorial Video on using Beaver Builder with Cosmos

Beaver Builder integrates with Cosmos through the text editor module. This video shows how you can use Beaver Builder with Cosmos to start adding dynamic content to your pages and layouts built with Beaver Builder.

How to transform a static landing page into a dynamic one

Learn how Cosmos can transform static landing pages into dynamic landing pages with text replacement, dynamic link building and WooCommerce product display – all based on incoming URL parameters.

How to display dynamic content within a sidebar in WordPress

This tutorial shows how to use a free plugin – Shortcode Widget with Cosmos Plugin to build sidebars that display dynamic content!

How to build a dynamic thank you page for an opt in form

This tutorial runs you through the process of building an opt in form that leads to a dynamic thank you page, using Salient Theme, Ninja Forms free version and Cosmos Plugin.