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WooCommerce Upsells & Cross Sells

If you didn’t know by now, WooCommerce powers 30% of online eCommerce sites. That’s a big deal!

So if you’re thinking of starting up an online store, you’re probably going to consider it. And then you’re going to start wondering about all these options to generate a tiny little bit more money, simply by using upselling and cross-selling techniques, right?

Well, there’s good news on this.

WooCommerce has several extensions that will help you with cross sells and up sells – one of them being Cosmos Plugin.

Wait a minute – What are Upsells & Cross Sells?

Let’s use Amazon.com as an example :

Every time you pick a product and look at its details on Amazon, you’ll likely see a section called, “Customer who bought this item also bought…”

Cross-selling can drive sales by 3% on checkout pages.

It’s most often used for related products in another category that are highly correlated. So if you’re buying headphones, a case, a microphone, maybe an amp, replacement cushions, or more often show up in this list.

GetElastic has written great articles on Cross Selling, so I’ll send you there to check it out (“The Three Ps of Cross Selling”).

So now that we’re all clear on all of these concepts, let’s talk about them in the context of WooCommerce.

The first is WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons

AddServiceUpsellWooCommerce Checkout Add-ons costs $49 for a single site license. And it lets you do upsells on your checkout page.

You’ve seen this before, at Amazon, where they offer you to have your order gift-wrapped, right? Well, that’s an upsell. In the Checkout process.

If you can be helpful and useful and keep the costs of your upsells low (relatively speaking), this extension can be really helpful.

The second is WooCommerce Bundles

WooCommerce Product Bundles also costs $49 for a single site license. And it lets you create simple bundles like we’ve talked about.

Take a look at the following hoodie category :

woocommece-hoodiesThe next step is to create a bundle that would sell a complete wardrobe. And the good news is that it can easily be done by creating a bundle product using WooCommerce Product Bundles.


The WooCommerce out of the box solution for cross sells and up sells leaves a lot to be desired

Let’s look at a few reasons why :

  • Set up is very time consuming – everything has to be done manually
  • You’re limited in the way cross sells can be displayed – the only option is the grid view type product
  • You’re limited to only show related products, up sell products, or cross sell products. Never a combination.
  • You can only place cross sells and up sells on the product page or the shop cart

This is one area where Cosmos Plugin shines as a WooCommerce Addon

One of the many uses of Cosmos is that of a product cross and up sell tool here are a few ways that it out performs the others: 

  • Place cross sells and up sells any where on your site – with Cosmos Plugin there is no limit to how many or where you put them
  • Define any kind of group – related products, up sells, cross sells or any combination of the three
  • Display the products however you want – they can be in the usual grid type display, a full product page or anything you specify
  • Easy control through the use of tags and categories – set up a cross sell for every category but the one you are looking at currently, or limited to a specific category
  • Fully Dynamic – set up a product on a landing page, add a Cosmos product block to the product and let the UTM Codes or Keywords from the ad service determine which products to show as up sells and cross sells!

That’s right, Cosmos can act as an automated cross sell and up sell generator through the use of URL parameters or UTM Codes from third party ad services.

Start automating your WooCommerce Cross Sells and Up Sells Today with Cosmos Plugin

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